Health and disinfection

Starting with the field of health, in which the products of chemistry, and which are therefore manufactured in the petrochemical estates of Tarragona, are essential and help save lives: medicinal gases, materials for pharmaceutical, medical and surgical applications, materials for medical and hospital equipment… The chemical industry also produces materials that are indispensable for disinfectants, hygiene products, water purification, additives for paper…


Even the food chain needs chemical products. AEQT member companies manufacture products that are used for packaging (not only food, but also cleaning and hygienic products…). The sector also produces additives and agents for fungicides, pesticides and herbicides that are essential for agriculture.


Without forgetting that the products that the petrochemical industry manufactures in Tarragona are essential also to keep operative the chains of supply of other goods and essential services: the companies of the AEQT manufacture fuels and materials for the transport, so much for the manufacture of the vehicles as well as for the construction of infrastructures.

Technology, home, sport … and much more!

The areas in which the products manufactured in Tarragona are present in our lives are many: in addition to those already mentioned, technology could be added (computers, mobile phones, screens…), appliances, home in general (building materials, furniture, paint, thermal insulation…), sports, leisure and culture…

Products for a sustainable and circular future

Chemistry will provide solutions for the new sustainability challenges that our planet is facing

By developing bio-plastics, new compostable or biodegradable materials and new products based on eco-design that will represent a step towards a circular economy.

The chemical sector is the leader in industrial R&D&i, and has the highest proportion of innovative companies in industry.

Energy storage and development of new fuels, such as green hydrogen.

Chemical or molecular recycling systems.