Public Advisory Panel

Established in 2003, the Public Advisory Panel (PAP) is an indispensable communication tool that fosters dialog between the chemical sector and the rest of society. Apart from AEQT, that represents all of its members, some member companies have their own panel.

These panels serve as meeting points and communication tools for civil society and the region’s chemical sector.Panel members represent the region’s society. AEQT’s panel consists of approximately twenty citizens representing different social and economic groups from neighborhoods and municipalities that are under chemical industry’s area of influence. These people meet regularly with AEQT and chemical sector representatives to discuss subjects that are of mutual interest.

Occasionally experts may be invited to deliver presentations on specific subjects. PAP meetings are not only a means for the chemical industry to inform panel members of industry news and developments, but more importantly, they represent a channel through which the chemical industry receives valuable input on society’s opinions and concerns, and can adapt its actions and strategies to this input.

Albert Raül Esteban Ribas

Chief, Tarragona Regional Traffic Service.

Alexandra Tarragó

Medical Doctor, specialized in Occupational Health.
UBP Primary Care Coordinator Campo de Tarragona ICS.

Ana María Macho

Certified Private Investigator.
President, Campo de Tarragona Association of Businesswomen and Managers- CEPTA.

Àngel Belzunegui

Director, Social Inclusion Chair, URV.

Anton Aymemí

Consultant, sustainability action and communication.

Carles Prieto Lizaso

Vice President, Costa Dorada Association of Tourist Agencies.

Cristina Berrio Ortega

Secretary, Tarragona Federation of Neighborhood Associations.

Eduard Garcia Castells

Communication Secretary, UGT trade union.

Helder Moya Jardim

Graduate in Law and Journalism, communication specialist.

Ignasi Fernández Rodríguez

Graduate in Communication, DOW’s Public Advisory Panel facilitator.

Joan Llatse

Philosopher, Master in Educational Center Management.
Director, Juan XXIII School.

Josep Maria Gasol Vallvé

Institutional Relations with Industry, Comisiones Obreras trade union.

Josep Ramon Tules Armela

Former Vice President, Tarragona’s Fishermen’s Association.

Marta Panadès

School teacher, psychologist, Director, Campo de Aprendizaje de la Ciudad de Tarragona, Education Departament.

Mireia González Mohedano

Graduate in Communication and Public Relations,
President, Colla de Castellers Xiquets de Tarragona.

Tomàs Berasategui

Graduate in Chemistry (UB) and Social and Cultural Anthropology (URV). Former Repsol employee, member of SECOT.

Agreements and collaborations

AEQT regularly collaborates with entities like the Red Cross, food banks, La Muntanyeta Cerebral Palsy Association, Bonanit Foundation, or TV3’s marathon. Over the years AEQT has supported environmental, social and neighborhood organizations, such as Tarragona’s Federation of Neighborhood Associations, or sports clubs like Tarragona’s Basketball Club or Nàstic Tarragona, among others.