AEQT sponsors several training projects for professionals in the petrochemical sector. The AEQT-AEST courses are offered in coordination with AEST (Associació d’Empreses de Serveis de Tarragona), and are required for all the personnel of ancillary service companies that work on the facilities of AEQT members. On the other hand AEQT and some of its members sponsor Dual Professional Training courses on different fields.

Dual Vocational Training

The chemical sector is firmly committed to Dual Vocational Training, which is manifested in the promotion, both by the AEQT itself and also by some individual member companies, of various lines of this training modality in through agreements with educational centers in the territory.

With regard specifically to the Dual Vocational Training agreements promoted by the AEQT, a total of five different degrees are offered in this modality, the result of agreements with three centers.

It should be noted that, in addition, several AEQT companies have individual Dual Vocational Training agreements on an individual basis.

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control
  • Automation and Industrial Robotics
  • Industrial mechatronics
  • Management and finances

AEQT-AEST courses

The AEQT and the Association of Service Companies of Tarragona (AEST) jointly promote this course, in order to maximize safety standards and specific training of all staff who carry out their activity in the facilities of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Tarragona, both its own staff and that of service companies.

Companies to which the training applies: this project applies to all service companies whose activity is limited to the usual maintenance to be carried out within the companies affiliated to the AEQT.

Staff to whom it applies:

  • All executing personnel who belong to the group of companies detailed in the previous section and who require entry into the production plants of the AEQT companies to carry out routine maintenance activities.
  • People who do not carry out work (managers, construction technicians,…) but who need an access card to the AEQT plants (not as a visit).
  • The administrators who carry out their work in the plants also require the AEQT-AEST course.

Center where the course is taught: